Winter 2012

Winter 2012 plan: windsurf as much as possible preferably without a wetsuit hahaha, I was thinking either Egypt, Brazil or Vietnam.. I was pretty much set on Egypt before my team-mate Max said he was going to Brazil and I was easily swayed as Brazil is windy pretty much everyday, sunny everyday and has swell EVERYDAY no-brainer really. I quickly got a job a as a Camera man and earned up enough money to get out there and After 36 hours of planes and trucks we arrived in Jericoacoara, Jeri is chilled-out south-american fishing village with brightly coloured wall’s and hand painted signs on every corner; it really is windsurf paradise.

cool signs

Our daily routine would be to get up at 8am, walk to the bakery to have some fresh bread, eggs and coffee then walk to the beach to check the conditions (never above 4.7!). We would then probably faff over whether to take 4.0 or 4.2 then go windsurfing until Lunch. The food in Brazil is sick, the best steak ever, huge fresh Mangos, Coconuts, Acai. So lunch usually consists of an Acai which is a local berry blended with banana’s and comes with granola on top; it is so tasty and is a superfood and is supposed to give you energy.After lunch, depending on the size of the waves, we would either go surfing or windsurf again. We had some sick surf sessions and would always stay out until the sunset or if it was full moon just keep surfing in the dark.


after the surfing we would usually head to our favourite bar Mauritzios to play cards or re-watch our video footage for the 100th time. After Mauritzios we’d either have a barbecue or go and eat and listen to live music at one of the local restaurants. If I were to daydream a perfect day thats how it would go windsurfing, surfing and good food, Jeri is so rad pretty much the best place to be. Max wrote up a great spot guide which is well worth a read if your thinking about going:

Check out the gallery for some pictures around Jeri by Max, Tommy and Beth.


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